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Increase sales and improve customer satisfaction while saving time and money with Comm100 Free

February 17th, 2021

We are super excited to dive in with the Vice President of Marketing at COMM100, Jeff Epstein. Founded in 2009, Comm100 is dedicated to helping organizations of every size earn greater customer loyalty through better accessibility and faster, more effective service. It starts with genuine, and personalized communication. Comm100 is a live chat solution designed to help businesses from all scales and industries improve customer satisfaction rates, and engage with their current and prospective in real time. Popular and widely used, Comm100 can help almost every sales team to track and identify potential buyers, and to address the concerns of the ones that are already on board. With Comm100 live chat platform, you can grow your business and make your brand more reliable, and make communication much more flexible.


Some of the topics discussed are:

how to use AI and chatbots to simplify your customer service experience 

using AI to stay personal and connected to your customers and social networks

how to manage all of your social media platforms and take them to the next level



This is an awesome way to learn more about your favorite brands, how they connect with and network with content creators, consumers, about and some of their successes and struggles they have faced getting there. Sit back and join in the conversation with us!
New episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The beginning of the month we discuss our staple “What the Hell” tech moments that happened the month prior. We continue through each month discussing tech events and interviewing other content creators or people that are influential in many different tech related fields.  

Beyond the Streams originated from two YouTube content creators NxTLvLTech and Rohas Reviews. After working on a countless number of live streams on the YouTube platform  they began to realize that there were many great conversations that would take place “Beyond the Streams".

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